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well let the fun begin. i am starting to put a new harness on my 87 supra. my harness is all hacked up from the previous owner. i got one off ebay but the guy said one connector was cut near the fuse box 6 wires. he was right but that connector only has 5 wires. another blue connector was cut and im missing 1 wire on the new harness. going to have to find that wire and fix the 2 connectors before i start doing any work.

where should i start when installing the new harness. whats the easiest way. think i am going to have to pull the intake? what should i remove to make it easier before i begin this project. should start at the ecu and then move to the motor.

any help or comments are welcome. also this harness was off a auto car and mine is a standard. i was told they are the same that the auto has a few more unneeded connectors.

does anyone have a link to the tsrm while im posting. i know its somewhere online. i have a hyanes manual and ordered the chilton from someone online. i hate the hyanes book. i am going to need some wiring diagrams.

Thanks in advance...
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