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Had a 93 GTE GS300, stepson totalled it, and am now here looking for info to swap the GTE into something else. Don't know what yet, something older for sure, but want to have my research done before I decide. You'll see more posts with questions (after I've searched) later on.

BTW I'm from Chattanooga TN.

Here's the details on the car and some pre wreck pics (cut and paste from another site):
1993 Lexus GS300
Blue exterior with grey interior.
Engine was swapped with an US spec 2JZGTE (Supra Twin Turbo motor+ auto trans)
Cruise still works
T62-1 Turbonetics work done by turbo Dave @ MSP
Blitz Blow off valve
Apexi S-afc fuel controller
Greddy Proffec B boost controller
Greddy BCC
driveshaft was professionally modified/ BALANCED.
The front brakes were replaced with Supra TT 13 inch set up in front, rotors and toyo factory pads,braided lines.
Front mounted intercooler (29 long X7.5 tall x 3.50 wide)and 3 inch aluminum piping from turbo to Throttle Body.
Car is lowered with Eibach springs and KYB GR-2's
SSR Intergral 18x8, 18x9 Inch wheels
Blitz EGT, Fuel Pressure, and Boost Gauges
Fluidyne racing style transmission oil cooler (DB-30120).
factory Supra 550cc injectors
twin walbros added intank fuel pumps
turbonectics wastegate
JIC Magic SS Catback System
Custom Downpipe
HId Headlights
JDM Aristo Strut Bar
JDM window visor
Compustar Pro 2 way pager alarm w/remote start/ turbo timer
15% tint
LED interior lights
remove all wood trim
CF center shift console
Fiberglass holder for s-afc(replace ashtray)
Tune s-afc--Dyno--381.01 and 346 lbs torque @the wheel on Mainstream Performance Dynojet

Carnage details (cut and paste from another site):

Wife got a call Wednesday morning, around 1:30am, from my stepson. All he would say is "Mom, I'm hurt; Mom, I'm hurt." She finally got it out of him where he was at, just a mile or so from the house. I get up, throw on some clothes, and haul tail. I see taillights in a ditch. I jumped out and run up to the car to find him pinned between the head rest and roof of the car; his head in back seat and feet in the passenger floorboard. I set the door on my back and reach in and grab him and pull him out. I get him on the ground go back to my car and pull it up to where he's at. Load him up in the passenger seat only to be slapped in the face with a very strong odor of alcohol. Take him back home and tell my wife get him to the hospital ASAP, he's been drinking and that's the only way we can buy him some time to sober up. After you see the pics you'll be amazed that he only got a busted nose, bruising, and hurt pride. I go back to the crash site and call the police. They show up and get the investigation/towing process started. The officer knew us and knew what was going on, so he waited until the scene was cleaned up before going to the hospital. Once he got to the hospital he reamed my stepson a new one and wrote him two tickets. More than likely he will lose his license but a DUI won't go on his record. The ONLY reason I kept him from getting a DUI is baseball. He will go to college on a scholarship and has a good chance of making it into the minors. A DUI would get him kicked off the team and ruin his future for the rest of his life. Repercussions from this incident, aside from what the legal aspects, is I will NOT buy him another car to drive and he will NOT be put back on our insurance. If he doesn't lose his license, he definitely won't be driving any of our vehicles. I refused to give him this car to drive but my wife overrode my authority and gave it to him anyway. Now she realizes I was right, a teenager does not need a powerful car period.


First went off road up at the beginning of the the rock wall 50 or so yards up the road. Speed estimated at 80+ mph.

Bought it back from insurance, parted out what would sell, and kept the rest which ended up being everything but the interior.

Thanks for looking,

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Wow... sorry to hear about that.

Good luck finding your next project!
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