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Hey folks.

I owned a 1983 Supra in the mid-90's. I absolutely loved the way the car looked and drove - and opening the hood to see that big cast aluminum DOHC cover always brought a grin to my face.

When I got it, the car had already been "rode hard and put up wet" more than a few times - unfortunately I didn't treat it much better. I delivered pizza with it for a very busy shop in a college town until the timing belt slipped. The darn thing still ran, but it idled at about 100 rpm and could barely creep along in 1st gear. I couldn't afford to fix it, so I parked it behind the house I was renting at the time - where it quietly disappeared one day. :tear:

I still have fond memories of that car, and I feel like I owe it to the model to rescue at least one from the scrapyard. I've started browsing the web looking for an unloved Mk. II, and I found this forum. If I ever get this project rolling, I'll probably be looking here for some advice - and to browse the 'for sale' section.
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