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Well its an 88 turbo 5-speed with two tone dark blue/ light blue paint and dark blue interior. When i bought it it came with an old style HKS BOV, but i have already changed it back to stock. It also came with an APEXi S-AFC, which i will be getting rid of so it will run correctly. I have already done my own short shifter modification, added NGK Plugs and NGK stock replacement wires. soon i will be getting rid of the whole exhaust and replacing it with 3" piping from the turbo back and a muffler is on its way. I am also looking into getting the K&N air filter kit.

Basically the car is meant for a daily driver with some modifications. will probably do the lexus AFM, 550 cc injectors, walbro fuel pump.......(stage 1).

So tell me what you think..... I will have more pics later

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