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the 1uzfe lexus v8 is bulletproof. think of it as a bigger brother to the 2jzgte, with an extra litre and two cylinders. they are certainly engineered in the same vein. people have pushed 800hp from these with supercharging in powerboats here in Au, with more stress and less efficiency than turbocharging.

regarding the 4.3 lexus v8 - i assume it is an update of the 1uzfe. perhaps this is the 3uzfe iteration? the 2uzfe was from the lexus 4wd "grand cruiser" and was detuned for low end/mid range over top end, as well as (?) lower octane petrol. assuming if the 3(?)uzfe is released as a passenger car engine it will not be detuned to the same extent.

either way, this family of engines is rock solid. ive had the opportunity to look inside a 1uzfe. 6 bolt mains, double weighted crank, highly webbed block, large capacity oil pickup .. toyota really went to town on these engines, as per the 2jz.

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