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New N/A-T 1/4 mile time

Finally made it to the track tonight. Just wanted to do some test runs to practice launches and stuff. It was really crowded and I only ended up getting 1 run in.
Ran the car exactly how I drive it everyday to school and what not, didnt adjust boost or fuel settings.

Pump gas/15psi/reset ecu/pulled headlight/Nitto DR's with ~ 25psi pressure

Had a bunch of tools and the spare tire in the car too, oh well. Heres the slip and I'll get a scan of it later.

60' 1.914
330' 5.203
1/8 7.922
MPH 90.34
1000' 10.266
1/4 12.241
MPH 113.30

Yeah I'm excited about the time, but with some practice and bringing that 60' down I may have 11s on pump! :D :D Next weekend I'll be at the track with atleast 20psi boost and some race gas in the tank. Stay tuned. :)

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wow that's a great .25 mile time,,,cant wait to see 20psi :D ,,,try and get a vid too if possible

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Tatanko said:
Nice time! Good luck on getting to the 11's :D
I dont think he needs luck, or even more boost, just alittle practice . :bigthumb:

Great job, you inspire me. My setup is going to be very similar so thats what I love to see :)

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Thanks for the compliments guys. Definitely been a work in progress and finally took it to the track to see the potential. 11s are a definite possibility on just 15psi and no changes, just need to work on that 60' some more. It was the first time I ever ran the car with drag radials and using the e-brake to lauch, just give me some time to practice :). Cant wait to try some race gas and more boost and go deep into the 11s or maybe lower ;)

Heres a quick summary of my basic mod list for those who inquired

DAVE H KIT with PT61 turbo :D
Boostlogic Built Auto trans with 3200 stall
Greddy 3 row FMIC
Apexi N1 exhaust (no cats - 3" all the way)
Delphi 525cc injectors
Walbro FP
VPC/SAFC combo
Nitto NT555R II drag radials (275/40/17s on stock TT wheels)

Last time I dynoed was with a TT SMIC and smaller piping and I did 320whp on 13psi boost on pump gas. I'd guess I'm around ~ 360whp right now on 14-15psi with the front mount.
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