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Hey guys
Iam new to the forum and have a 1993.5 supra na turbo and already have open air intake and springs . What iam wanting to know is what do you say i should but next( greddy mx Ex., Apexi Super afc ) Just wanting to know
Thx for all your help And i also have a nos kit :):D :D

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did you say you have a "na turbo"? as in a turbo conversion?

how much did you pay for the car?

welcome to the family! :D

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you said you had an na turbo...if this is true..then you probably dont want to look at the greddy MX. it is an exhaust for NA supras...which probably means that it was made with the true NA powerband in mind. so you dont lose all the low end torque like you do in turbo cars. BUT....if youve gone NA-T , you should probably consider a turbo exhaust...theyre slightly more free flowing and are setup for a car that has the exhaust pressure of a turbo. im no genius but i think thats probably right?
Please correct me if im wrong tho.
PS. im just a plain NA, anyone out there with the greddy MX let me know about it.thanks
Hope this helped you. you should talk to some people who know alot about exhausts before you buy one.
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