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When driving around the car has good pull from about 2000 to 3000rpm then it starts to run out of breath and has slight surges in pickup then at about 5500rpm it starts to pull a little harder.

The car just had a HG job about a 2000 miles ago and has apparently not run quite the same since. Boost is O.K. Gets up to about 7psi. Saw 8 psi for a second tonight but could not duplicate it.

Also car has very low oil pressure, I mean low!!! I never gets much above 40 when laying into it, driving around it hovers just under 20 and Idling it starts at about 10 and then slowly drops off to about maybe the 1 or 2 mark. You can see it drop just a small amount once you turn off the engine.

The car has K&N and greddy blow off valve, but everything else is stock, including pre cat.

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Sounds like your cat might be blocked. ALso check for boost leaks and timing.


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Yeah I was wondering about the timing. If the head was removed then I assume that something has been put back on just a little out of wack. The previous owner claims that it didn't starve for revs like that until after the HG was completed. It's kinda odd how it peters out about 3500 small surges and stuff and then comes back a little bit about 5000 to 6500. I will have to search and find out how to make sure the timing is dead on.

Need to do a tune up!! I know the pre cat has to go. Probably am going to gut it right quick.

Been meaning to check head bolt torque too. Will check compression next week. One was done with the HG about 2000 miles ago. There are no visible oil leaks. Checked all over can't find a drip. Engine was completley rebuilt about 33k ago. I'll have to verify that the stock oil gauge is reading correctly once I figure out how to do it.

Just wondered if anyone had experience a similar problem with the revs acting like this??

By the way you guy's RULE!! Thanks for your help thus far. This is the best forum I reckon I have ever been on!!!
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