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TRD94JZA80TT said:
thank you very much for all the compliments guys.

-the steering wheel is a momo millenium evo
-that hose is a oil line that connects to my cusco oil catch can
-i dont have a FMIC yet because im on a very tight budget
-i dont have an exhaust because i dont want to be paranoid all the time whenever i see cop cars since i have already gotten an exhaust ticket. im less likely to be pulled over.
-my front bumper did not come with the plastic reinforcements/air-ducts so the bumper just gives way easily
-the trd hood is a knockoff, the fiberglass is too wavy even after color sanding.
-i plan to get a new trd carbon fiber hood painted red, ridox front bumper and ridox sideskirts, and a top secret rear diffuser, only money and time will tell when i do.
-the supra turbo emblems on the bumper grew on me and since when i got the car they were already placed there and plus it covers the holes.
-the offset fits fine enough for everything to clear, but yes i may need a little spacer but im fine with the way it is.
-the wheels are 17X9 and 17X10
youre planning on buying all that, but you wont buy an exhaust or fmic? the cosmetics will attract just as much (if not more) attention.
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