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Long story as short as I can!

I shipped a customer a brand new RPS Sport pressure plate with 6-puck sprung hub disc and a brand new RPS Cyn-R-G flywheel for his Supra TT.

He calls me a few weeks later and says "this thing is slipping on me already, what in the world is wrong?"

So I asked him "How did you break it in?"

And he responds "What's a break in?"

So...after some spirited discussion him and I and RPS came to an agreement. He received a new Sport pressure plate, Street disc, and Toyota OEM flywheel. RPS took back his original setup and built it to brand new specification.

So here I am now, offering up a clutch and flywheel with about 500 miles on it, but fully rebuilt to 100% new specification by RPS. New pucks on the disc, new segments on the flywheel (rebalanced of course), new straps on the pressure plate. This clutch will come with the same warranty as any other RPS clutch, and your invoice will not even state it was rebuilt.

I am selling this AS A PACKAGE ONLY.
Normally I sell this package for $998.47.

This one I want $800 for. Again, it is AS GOOD AS NEW and comes with FULL WARRANTY!!

Here are all the pics of it, fully rebuilt.

Contact me by phone, email, or PM if you want it.



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Hey man what's the tq this will handle? Would you be willing to seperate out the pressure plate and clutch? I've already got a flywheel

Edit : nevermind just saw the part about not separating. Let me know if you decide to separte them I'll take the clutch and pressure plate.
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