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I've got a bunch of extra/not needed parts laying around, so if anyone's interested please call me at 630-254-2965. I live 5 minutes from 355 and Lake st, about 10 minutes south of Woodfield.

SP76GTS Complete turbo kit w/ 4" DP/MP, header, HKS GT WG, HKS racing type 2 BOV, 4" cold air pipe(puts filter where stock SMIC was) all oil lines, filters, breathers, etc. $4300, this comes with a BOV, one is not included in SP's current kits. Everything is brand new, never installed on a car except for the turbo housings, I had a used 76GTS and bought a new center section from PTE, so any moving part on the turbo is new. Everything in the kit is polished, coated, or powdercoated.

RPS C/C clutch w/ chromemoly flywheel, all bolts, clips, throwout and pilot bearings, also new. $SOLD

Old school round greddy strut tower bar, used, $sold

Greddy silver turbo timer, used, $30

GE (NA) head, cams, valve covers, used, $200

NA stock injectors, $50

Black leather rear seat, upper and lower, good shape $150

Complete GTE head, minus cams and cam covers $525

GTE JDM upper plenums/throttlebodies, complete US intake manifold/lower runners/tb, etc $120 for the JDM plenum(I have 2), $275 for the complete US TB/plenum/lower runners, $120 for the JDM TB(only the TRAC motor is different, perfect for cutting the trac off of) I have some sensors, call for more details

Stock cruise control/trac/egr/charcoal can/ etc. Call

extra 94 passenger headlight, foggy but not cracked or broken, $75

93-5 taillights, great shape, $70 for the pair

95 Factory service manual, the big one, it covers engine, chassis, electrical, etc, $100

Stock clutch and flywheel(off of 6 sp) $50 for both, clutch slips under heavy power/sticky tire, could probably be fixed w/ new disc, flywheel is in good shape, could be resurfaced.

Stock GTE Pistons/rods, all in good shape $200

NA 5 sp radiator, good shape, $40

Please call 630-254-2965, if you're really interested in something please call instead of PMing or posting. Thanks-Nick
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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