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New to BE

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Hey everyone!
My name is Chris and im currently located in CO. I will be moving to the Orange County Area pretty soon. Ether May or August and would like to give a hoot out to all the cali owners. I am ariginally from Cali (Murrieta+Temecula+ Sana Barbra). Wanted to get to know some of the Supra owners out there so im not left out of the circle. I own a 93.5 Baltic Blue Hardtop NA Soon To be Na-T. I will most likely be NA-T before i move out. I would like to know where some of your guy's most recommended Supra shops are located also if possible.

Thanx :blah:
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San Clamente
Just attend to some of the meets that are coming soon. Let me know when you are out here.
Will do :sadance:
to the top
we can get drunk at pechanga if you like
Woot :yum:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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