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xsentrixsupra said:
I would but I'm buying a new snow mobile. So I needed to find a cheaper car than a WRX :)

Thanks for your input guys, I really appreciate it.
First off, that sounds like a great deal... BUT

#1. MK3's aren't famous for being reliable.
#2. MK3's are horrable winter cars for more reasons then just handling like poop in the snow and being a torquey sob. They rust REALLY easy, unlike MKII's and other cars. We both live in WI, you know the deal, I promise you after one Winter of that thing in the snow rust will start popping up in the middle of no where, and the last thing we need now is another mk3 down the drain because of a completely fucked rusted body and frame.

Dont buy it if it will be driven in WI winter, salt is a killer to mk3's.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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