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bdekoning said:
xsentrix: are you the kid that was running at GLD in like this spring and had mad traction issues and was stuck in the 14s?

I haven't driven my supra since about late September......most of the summer its been up and down getting modifications done to it, so no that wasn't me :) Why do you ask? I'm sure I'm not the ONLY red MKIV TT owner in the area ;)

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many here are saying $1900 is a steal! but it can also be a $1900 peice of steel headache! :p

BUT... u are going ot Wyotech and if u do a leak down and compression check and everything seems ok then go for it!

in all honesty though... i would recomend an NA over a turbo MKIII for the conditions and reliabilty factor u demand! knowing u as soon as boost spoll sup on the turbo ull be slippin and sliding on the icy roads! :p

play safe Josh! its Wyoming not SoCal!... YET!! ;)
21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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