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Hey everybody, I just picked up an 87 (or 86.5 to be exact I guess) NA Supra.
I knew it had an issue when I bought it but I'm not sure where to start.
The car has a new cat, new muffler, new k&n intake filter, new distributor, ignition control module, and a new felpro (unfortunately) head gasket.

The problem I'm encountering is absolutely no power. Car idles fine around 750 rpms, maybe just slightly rough. Once I get going though, I can push the pedal to the metal and the car struggles to get up to speed. It kind of picks up once I start getting around 4500k rpms, but barely.

Any ideas on what I should start with?
Thanks in advance!

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Oops sorry I should have mentioned that I did, it was only 1 degree off. Car also passed smog with flying colors.

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Yeah the TPS is plugged in but I'm wondering if it needs adjustment.
Ugh I need to find me a FSM for sure.

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Thanks guys, I just have one more question.
I went to the parts store to get some things and I didnt know if I should be getting 86 supra parts or 87. The plate on my door says May 1986 so I assumed 86, but the guy who sold it to me said he used 87 parts. So then I assumed they were just probably the same but I noticed the oil filter they had listed for the 86 3.0 engine was smaller than the 87 one.

So now I'm just confused.

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I got it for 1200 because the guy didnt have time to figure out the problem himself. Thing is pretty clean, loads of new parts in it, urethane bushings, kyb's and eibach springs.
Anyway this weekend I'm dropping new plugs, new plug wires, a new ignition coil and a new fuel filter so I'll see if that helps any. Maybe dump some injector cleaner in there too just for good measure. I double checked the timing yesterday and put a new cap and rotor on it just in case. Still no good though :(
I'll check the compression this weekend too.

And yeah thanks about the clarification on the years

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Hey guys so I took all the plugs out today to do a compression test and as soon as I pulled the first one I thought "oh great"
All 6 plugs were completely drenched in oil, from head to toe. They were practically swimming in it so I wasnt too optimistic about the compression test, but then I did it and all the cylinders were around 170-180.

Hopefully it's just the valve cover was slowly leaking oil in over time. Maybe the fact that the plugs were all sitting in their own personal jacuzzis of oil is the cause of my problem.

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Go off the 10th digit in the vin number to detemine what year it.

86=G 87=H

I'll list them all here I, O, Q, U,Z aren't USE

A=80 B= 81 C= 82 D= 84 E=84 F=85 G=86 H=86 J=88 K=89 =L=90 M=91 N=92 P=93 R=94
S=95 T=96 V=97 W=98 X=99 Y=2000 1=2001 Numbers used from here out
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