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I just got a Supra TT and have been reading about intercoolers. Now my TT is completly stock. Can I get some answers to questions about ICs.

1) Will I get any gain from adding a GReddy IC (or other brand) for my stock twins? I like the way the car looks with it plus if there is performance gain, that is good.

2) What can I expect to pay for one?

3) Will adding one cause any of my other stock parts to go (clutch, ...)?

I have checked but their faq is down.

Any help/advice is appreciated.

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I'll assume you are talking about the FMIC. GReddy makes a replacement side mount but there is no performance gain that has been shown from that unit thus far. I have the Greddy 3 row for stock twins and love the look and performance of it.

1) If you are not full BPU (ie downpipe, cat back, some form of boost control, a few guages BOOST, EGT if you like, and BCC) I would really aquire those items first. The next mod that would gain you the most bang for the buck would probably be a cam gear for the exaust side. Assuming you have these mods, a FMIC would be a great next choice. There is very litte HP gain if any that you will see on a dyno, but people before and after the FMIC seem to trap consistently better by give or take about 3MPH. It offers a real world cooling advantage and decrease in charge temps over the small approx 400cfm side mount. This is a great mod if you are ever planning on going single also as you will only need new piping, assuming the FMIC you choose is large enough to support the size single you chose.

2) FMICs range from just under 1000 to almost 1800 depending on size and brand. There are specific ICs made for the stock twins and very small singles and those made for larger turbos. Some of the largest ICs though will cause some additional lag on the tiny stick twins (the Greddy 4 row for example if you were to adapt it to the stockers.)

3) This additon should prolong the life of your car and parts if anything. Assuming you drive the clutch in the same manner this will not prematurely wear out anything. The only thing to watch for is if you are a big road racer, on the track it can block radiator air flow and cause increased temps which can really stress an engine. You will have to relocate the coolant overflow tank and possibly the ac fan for most FMICs.

Hope this answered all your questions about ICs.


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I must agree with Adroktt...get the basic shit out of the way first...
Then may be you can get the doesn't hurt to have it, if you're planning to mod later on...

Make sure what kind of performance mods you want to do in the long run...
In another words, make sure to set a target of HP range you want...
For an exmple, you can't aim for 600+hp and get some small, shitty IC, and have a HUGE HP output turbines..

cuz depending on that, you choose different parts to meet the certain criteria...
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