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Well I thought I'd start this thread and have everyone who's is new introduce themselves to te community.
Say whatever you want doesn't have to be long, just essentially say hi and a few things about yourself.

Hey my name is Nathan K. I live up in Edmonton, AB, Canada.
I've been into cars since I was 8, and have helped with many builds that friends did in the past but I never did my own build cause I was too young to get a job and didn't see the point in buying a car before I could drive it.
I bought my first car a year ago to force my parents to get me my learners (in Alberta you need written permission from a parent to take the test, parents refused) finally got my learners in late July.
Since I bought my car (1990 ford probe) I have been attending to the many body and interior issues (bought it for 400$ (upside is engine works beautifly and interior was only dirty).
But I've always loved supras, so come this summer I plan on taking out a loan and travelling down the USA and buying one.

Aaaand that's about it.
Your turn :)
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