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Hey all figured I come here to see what others think.

Now I unfortunately do not own a supra. On my search for a supra I found a clean s14 kouki that had a 1jz. Ran it at 670 wheelhp on e85 bone stock virgin motor for over a year while I had a 2jz built.

Do to certain circumstances i went down the path of doing a 3.2 stroker and was planning on using a 6766 precision.

This is a street car. I'm only looking for maybe maybe 900 if that can be made. I originally got the 6766 for my stock 1j because the s366 started pushing oil.

Opinions on the 6766 ballbearing on a 3.2 stroker?? It has a 1.32 exhaust house. The biggest they got to offer I believe. I wanted something that is violent. So I figured I stick with the 6766 will satisfy for now but I do know I'm going to be upgrading the turbo this season.

Let me know what you guys think of what turbo you think is good for the setup. I like a fast spooling setup. Not necessarily worried bout dyno numbers but 1000+ is where I'd like to be?


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