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I know that this is the wrong forum, moderator please excuse. But, I have some info. on a fairly new Toyota dealership in the Atlanta area that wants to help us out, and I know that most of the MKII guys stay in this forum. :)

Toyota Mall of Georgia. The parts manager (Jeff Haller) is offering 20% off to all SOGI members. He already has it added to his system. We have four contacts that any members can talk to with questions:
Jeff Haller 678-546-1212
David Morgan 678-546-5649
Alan Vaughn 678-546-5649
Michael Kohn 678-546-5649.

The website is, and the e-mail is [email protected] .

They are willing to order any parts we need from Japan, or wherever necessary. They also are extremely interested in hosting the next Atlanta SOGI meet. Also, for those interested this same dealership is having a Toyota car show on May 19th that will feature several TRD outfitted cars (Supras, MR2s, Land Cruisers, etc.). I 'll post details on the show later, but hit them up if you need anything. The website will be added to the SOGI discounter page as soon as I receive the logos from them. :D
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