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well i didnt have anything better to do yesterday so i went to the track. Didnt get many runs in (damn GM vs Ford:mad: ) but i was able pull out A LOT of interior ;) including: passenger seat, door panels, front speakers, rear seat, all floor mats, all contents of the glove box and center consol, both my strut tower bars, and the headlight and air filter. I wasnt happy at all with the weather, still in the damn 80's. last time i went to the track it was lowr 60's, but my car was in the shop :( i still was able to get a new best time though :D [email protected] ill post the details when i get the slips out of the car

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Hey 93MSB,
Thats quite a weight reduction there man hehe. The weather wasnt allowing you to hook up your tires was it? I went to the local race track the other night too and i ran a 15.4 :( and my original time WITHOUT the ignition system and Intake was 15.1. So i wasnt impressed AND i only got one run in for my $15 which was really disappointing. I bogged big time off the start and had a 2.5 60 foot time so my time could have been much better. Here is the details on my run we can compare
R/T .820
60' 2.531
330 6.694
1/8 10.098
MPH 72.64
1000 13.009
1/4 15.456
MPH 92.25
I dont know where on earth my 15.1 timeslips went but that was a good run man. We should be able to start takin 14s easy.

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Yeah for the first time i actually had a hard time hooking up :D so my 60ft's were sucking

1st run, (i had the strut bars out, headlight, filter, floormats, and pass seat)

R/T: .8643
60 ft: 2.3487
330: 6.5355
1/8 ET: 9.9464
1/8 MPH: 72.66
1/4 ET: 15.3637
1/4 MPH: 90.50

2nd run, (took the door panels off in addition to above)

R/T: 1.0689 (dont even ask :p)
60 ft: 2.3608
330: 6.5249
1/8 ET: 9.9085
1/8 MPH: 73.44
1/4 ET: 15.2960
1/4 MPH: 91.18

3rd run(finally figured out the back seat just pops out
, and removal of the door speakers)

R/T: .8299
60 ft:2.3415
1/8 ET:9.9053
1/8 MPH:72.98
1000 ET:
1000 MPH:
1/4 ET:15.2751
1/4 MPH:91.24

4th run,( i started putting stuff back in: strut bars, headlight, and air filter)

60 ft:2.3399
1/8 ET:9.9550
1/8 MPH:72.85
1000 ET:
1000 MPH:
1/4 ET:15.3575
1/4 MPH:91.03

Glok, that was me about a year ago, I learned my clutch was slipping real bad so I got a Clutchmasters stage 3, now the car runs consistent high 14's..........that is one fast sleeper you got there.:) what are you planning on doing next to it? My Supra is currently not in Fl. so you wont see me at moroso. But maybe I'll stop up there in my civic for fun.:D
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