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TheHeffNerr said:
i didnt do it, it seemed basic. take old one out, put new one in. took like an hour for mine with 2 guys. basicly what they did was

take off the trim and wipers.

used this thing and cut the glue holding the window in.

cleaned the dash and cleaned the place where the glue would stick.

rubbed the edge's of new windshield down with some cleaner to give it a deep clean and score the window.

put the glue on the car around where window goes.

stuck window on.

put new clips on the trim stuck trim on.

thats about it they even vacuumed out the front of the car for me and cleaned the rest of my windows. nice guys and cheaper then all the other place's
Pretty much the same here...I was surprised that they vacuumed too!

Theres still little bits here and there, but it looks MUCH better now (mine)
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