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lagged said:
you guys need full glass insurance! if you get crack in the windsheild, it breaks of whatever, you call your insurance company and they send a guy out who finishes it in half an hour. bam youre done.
Thats what happened to me. It cost me nothing with full glass insurance and the glass guy came to my house. The insurance company set up the appointment and everything. The insurance company said that if the crack in the glass was longer than a dollar bill they would replace it and if a minor crack they could fix it.:)

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iheart6bangers said:
oddly enough thats something i've always wanted too. it seems like no matter how well i clean my windshield theres always a film of grease or some shit on it, like the previous owner smoked in the car and that was the only sign that he did so.
sounds like your heater core is on its way out... :( i had the same problem...

21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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