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Hi all, my name is Gary, and as you've probably already noticed, I'm from the UK.

I've decided to join up, as I believe there is probably a wealth of knowledge on here, that could be beneficial to me during my ownership, and also to help out where I can

I bought my supra a little over 3 years ago, and it was totally factory standard. I've wanted one since I was a teenager, but they've always been out of my reach financially. I was finally in a position to buy one, to replace my mr2 turbo of 9 year ownership, and I haven't looked back

Since buying it, I've added a few styling tweaks to my taste, and also done a single conversion. It's due for final mapping in two weeks time, so I'll finally be able to enjoy it properly!

I've done everything at home, in my spare time - the only thing that's out of my league, is the actual mapping.

Thanks for reading, here's a couple of pics :)
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