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newbie question about TT's

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I always blow people out for asking stupid newbie questions in the miata forums I frequent, so I appoligize in advance.

I've been looking for a MKIV. I want a TT, obviously, but have had trouble finding cheap ones. (for obvious reasons.)

How different is the block b/w the NA cars and the TT ones? Can I purchase a tubo kit for the NA? (if I bought a TT, I'd probably go to a single or upgrade later anyway)

Is the compression ratio drastically different? Is there an innate superiority that the TT's have over the NA's other than already having the blowers attached? Why wouldn't I want to do this?
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the 2JZ-GTE (turbo motor) has a compression ratio of 8.5:1, the 2JZ-GE (NA motor) is probably around 10.5:1 (not quite sure). The turbo also has oil squirters for the pistons and coilpacks instead of spark plug wires/distributor for the NA.

There are no kits (or very few) available anymore to make an NA into turbo. Of course you can always contact Sound Performance in Chicago or other reputable tuners and put a kit together.

With the TT you can get auto or 6-speed. The auto needs building after much more than BPU (basic performance upgrades) and the 6-speed needs a stronger clutch. The 6-speed tranny (Getrag built) itself can handle tons of power although people do find the synchros to wear out in higher mileage trannys. The NAs can be had with auto or 5-speed. I think the NA auto is different than the Turbo auto and cannot handle as much paower. The 5-speed also cannot handle as much power.

The turbos come with 4 piston front caliper brakes and the NAs don't to my knowledge.

Go to to learn alot about 4th generation Supras.
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