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Hello everyone!

I joined to gain some knowledge in understanding how to modify, repair, and maintain my Supra. I am -as many of you are- obsessed with horsepower, but more it seems with japanese econo-boxes. I own a 1997 TT Supra. Apline Silver 15th Anni. Edition. It is equiped with a 6sp, and has the targa roof.
I am currently running an HKS Twin Turbo setup, with an AEM EMS, .....[I'll post some pics here sometime shortly].

I want to restore my Supra's interior, and exteriors replaces dented/warped panels with new oem panels. The clean cut quality of OEM looks with reliable power has somewhat always left me fancinated with modding japanese exotics. Thankfully this is not my daily driver and still retains much of its luster, but interior panels are begining to warped badly, and the front fenders show obvious signs of having been leaned on, or having support a human. Did I mention it has 87,957 miles on it? I can tell much of the electrical motors, that propell the windshield washer fluid out of the nozzles, and the window motors/regulators, are dying. Using the windshield washers is absolutely embarrassing (imagine taking a weak piss- you know, where it barely-clears-the-zipper weak? :)

My daily driver is a nearly stock Evo IX MR, WW. Apexi Noir CB, and Injen Intake/IC. No tune whatsoever; never increased boost. WORKS Stage II clutch, and fly make up the driveline. 38,000 miles.

Well thats it for my first contribution to these forums.

Now lets see what these forums got!
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