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Next mod after BPU?

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Next mod after BPU? SFC or AFR?

Ive got an ext side cam gear, and an FMIC is too expensive. I dont have any gauges, but i want an AFC. ive been told to get an EGT gauge (still shopping for a good one), and i use my AVCR for a boost gauge.

Any suggestions?

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I think u should buy an EGT guage and an AFC, And later down the road i think u should do a fmic. Good luck

Anyone have suggestions between the Apexi AFC vs. HKS AFC? Dusty at MVPMotorsports says,
This unit is similar to the Apex AFC in tuning ability, but much better.
Anyone have experience with em? Everyone i know uses the AFC.
well i cant speak for evey one here! but most guys i know personaly that have supras love the SAfc ..guess its best to stick with what works and what more people can help you with!

im sure dusty know what he is talking about but i personaly like the safc!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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