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Next time rear of your car is on jacks you have homework, please.

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Ok I need some help with my rear diff, it has a 170,000miles so its got some wear. I need someone to get there car in the air and twist the driveshaft back and forth. As you do this look at the axles stubs that stick out of the sides of the diff and see how much they move. Mine seems to have alot of play, but theres no real noise, just a bit of clunk. thanks for the help.
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Mine have lots of play, i think your seeing the joints(iirc) move and not the ring/pinion. I wouldnt worry about it. I want to say mine has like 1/2" backlash or so LOL
been there done that. same as yours. NP, i think !!!
if there is no noise then there is no problem. A worn diff will hum when driving at certain speeds. The ring and pinion are about $650 and installation of a new ring and pinion is a major PITA. It's one of the biggest sections in the manual.

Oh, and before you go chiming in that installing a new ring and pinion is cake, let me qualify that statement. PROPERLY shimming a new ring and pinion so that it lasts another 170K is a major PITA.
Im pretty sure what he is feeling is the slack/backlash in the shaft joints
yeah when the LSD on my uncle's mr2 went it would make alot of noise at different speeds

if your car is acting normal, then its probably just normal play and i wouldn't worry about the rear end that much
Well sounds good then
what about that slip joint with the huge nut that I can't find a wrench for. I got it as tight as I could be it still rattles if I lift it an shake it. I honestly can't find and old school wrench that big. Any ideas
Also can you rebuild thes axle as there Is a bit of slop there
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