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These two pedal designs shown in this thread, has anybody driven with them while wearing race driving shoes? I have some some autopower nomex driving shoes which have a fairly thin sole and aren't clunky. However, the sole is narrow enough that I have some concerns about the edge of the sole being too close to the edge of the brake pedal and under high speed heavy braking for a turn suddenly getting the shoe to slip off of the pedal. Not good at 125mph! It was just borderline enough that I stayed with my trusty, thin, and sticky converse all stars at the last track event at Road Atlanta. Those suckers don't slip and you can feel the pedals very well.I am amazed at the shoes people wear for track events- big ole clunky stiff running shoes, etc. If I can find a closer brake pedal/accelerator set up, I am going back to the autopower shoes.
Barry H.
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