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Hey guys! I wanted to invite everyone over to (aka, which is now a sponsor of SupraForums. We started the forum in 2006. It has one of (if not) the largest R35 GT-R Registry on the web: is also the host of the annual event in the Talladega area, which includes road course instruction, time attack, 1/4 mile drag strip, dyno shootout, and a car show with thousands in cash payouts! We just got word from the GT-R's product planner at Nissan USA that they are planning on attending this event and bringing a GT-R and 350Z, so come out and let Nissan Corporate hear your input and suggestions about the car!

The forum has a few nice custom features such as an organized and uniform 'Parts Installation Write Up' tool (, and thumbnail attachments that display up to 640x640 without having to click to enlarge (

If anyone has any suggestions on any improvements or anything else you would like to see on NGTRC, please post up here! Also, we will be looking for more moderators soon, so any of you SupraForums veterans that are interested please let me know.
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