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Nitrous pics (vids soon to come)

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Ok heres my nitrous:



1&3 Nitrous solenoids
2&4 Fuel solenoids
5 is the purge (its kinda hidden)
6 is the WOT switch
7 is the nozzle(4 in 1) [DaveH I'll get some better pics around this weekend]
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wow.. i am in awe... looks kinda crazy in that engine bay... is that bottle hidden? :eek: keep it safe... lateZ
yeah it needs a rewire ill probly do that when i get a window switch. The bottle is kinda hidden, i can fold that back carpet up around it
looks like someone is gonna have some fun.:) i'm lookin forward to some videos and maybe a timeslip.

did you do all the install yourself?
yeah me and a few friends did the install ourselves, that may be why it looks ghetto :D but it works. I should have some timeslips after this weekend were planning a trip to Ennis :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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