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nitrous question

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where you people hook the fuel line at? should i put a y fitting on the fuel line goin to the rail?
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You need to put a "Y" fitting after the rail and before the regulator. Fuel for nitrous needs to be regulated as don't ever want to starve the rail in any way. Hope this helps and good luck!

ok thanks,so i just put a t-fitting on the line that comes in the regulator?
you might want to change out the regulator and go external...your not going to be able to "T" in the correct place due to the stock regulator actually threading into the rail. External regulator "T" in between the rail and the line coming from the rail to the regulator. Hope this helps...

yea i have a afpr,thanks alot for taking your time to explain this to me man
i have some questions, i want to run nitrous also,
what kinda kit are u running?
a wet or dry kit?

i think i got what u are saying but you wouldnt happen to have any pics of the set up would you so i can see what to do and do it right the first time.

wet... no questions asked.... dry kits should be limited to like... 35 hp or smaller
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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