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Im saying weather is nice, whats good for you guys we should get a small cruise/meet going Quakerbridge mall, Menlo mall??? Meet up then all cruise down to the beach Fri?? Sat??? over memorial day weekend... lets get a list going.. I have 2 people who can roll with us already nsx, sti.

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yo man i was just going to make a thread :bigthumb: lol. here are the details

Date: Saturday May 28th
Place: 207 21 Street, Surf City, New Jersey (Long Beach Island, Ocean County)
What: Mini supra meet/ big supra meet depends on who comes!!!
Anyone is welcome just post here if you can come right now we got
Ill make an offical Thread


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I will be down with my supra this weekend in LBI..

lemme kno if ur gonna be down there and ill pm u my number..

supposed to be BEAUTIFUL :cool: :yum: :coold: :wavey:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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