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Ok guys we need your help,

we purchased this turbokit for a friend of mine:

mods of the car are:

crower valve springs
HKS 264 cams
Fuel kit with 840 injectors
AEM with FJO

ok everything is installed car is idling at around 1000 rpm,

we hooked up the wastegate to the Boostcontroler and take the car for a ride, it runs good but we are getting no boost pressure,
so we checked the intercooler pipeing with brake cleaner for leaks, everything ok,

to make sure we get boost pressure we disconected the lines from the wastegate so the car should make a lot of boost, .........but nothing.

ok, then we checked the wastegate with the air gun, klick klick open closed, so it works.....
but perhaps it dont seals up we thought, we removed it, putted some Hylomar (blue fluid gasket) on the wastegate and puted it on the seat and turned it,
it seats up there, so we can not loose boost pressure there.

what can be our problem?
could it be the idling motor? perhaps it is wrong setted up in the AEM?not realy or?

come on guy help us, you are knowing how it is if the dawg is not running right.

cu Andy

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Can you see the impeller moving? (not trying to be a smartass... sometimes it's the simple shit) I've seen a bent impeller that was wedged up against the comp housing and that baby was stationary... keep us posted.

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