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This coming February, my car is up for inspection. I still have the stock dp and exhaust so passing is not an issue. Right when I get that sticker, I'm most definitely putting on a dp and exhaust.

Well, I found a place that will install the dp without me having to tow the car out of the garage($10,000 fine for any mechanic that removes a cat on a street driven car). What I wanted to know is has anyone been busted for running straight pipes on the street? I know the fines vary from state to state, but has anyone got nailed for not having it?

Also, I'll have two years till reinspection. I was gonna keep the stock dp and reinstall it for the inspection, instead of cutting the aftermarket dp and installing a high flow(which I'm trying to avoid doing). Will the aftermarket exhaust bolt on to the stock dp? Or, should I keep the whole stock exhaust system and just reinstall it for the inspection?

Just wondering!

Straight pipe

An aftermarket exhaust will bolt up to a stock cat. No one I know has ever been caught for having a dp. I think the chances of you getting caught are pretty unlikely. Keep the stock cat if you need to get smogged.
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