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Well, as much as I love getting in there and diagnosing problems with these cars, I often have to swallow my pride and ask for a hand. I have a 94TT being restored from a front corner impact, auto tranny, and the beast turns over but will not start. I've checked the fuel pump - it works and have continuity to the fp ecu. I haven't checked for spark ad I went into the main box to the source instead - no signal there, no spark to follow. I do not have a signal at the ecu main relays up front to trip them. The engine was thrown to the side on impact sufficiently to cause the TRAC motor to dent the PS reservoir, but wiring all around the bay seems intact. I saw a post about a swap that created a similar problem, but the circumstances are a wee bit different here... :)

Anyone have any hunches (beyond the obvious fuse blown, cut wire, etc.) that I might look at?

Any help is appreciated - My experiences will continue to be shared with all as I painstakingly disassemble and restore these amazingly engineered cars.

Thanks to all - keep boostin'!
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