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No Power??

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This has happened to me a few times, and i cannot figure out why or how, but my car has no electricity whatsoever. Its like a dead battery, but its not a dead battery. I checked the battery, all the fuses and everything seems to be fine. This happened a week ago, and then my car seemed to be working fine after a few days, it had power when i went to fix it the first time. Then two days ago, it went out again when i shut the door on the drivers side. I opened the door again and closed it a few minutes later the power came back. That same night the power Went out again and i have not been able to get it back. Anyone know why it would do this?
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I had that problem in my BMW, I NEVER figured it out. But, if i took off the power cable, and put it back on, the power would be restored, almost like it had to be reset?
sounds like a wiring issue. Check/replace the cables and grounds
Maybe something to do with the stock alarm????
Removed battery cable for 8 hours... no effect. Ill have 2 rip apart the door 2 fiddle with the wiring??
Check for a loose or weak fusible link. This one wire provides all power your car uses, excepting the massive lead for the starter. My fusible link got worn out and it's connection was flakey, the car exhibited the same symptoms as yours. I wired in a new fusible link... Problem solved.

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