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My car is not hitting it's Power ban. It has no excel at all. It still hits high speeds just takes to long to get up there. It almost feels like somthings restricting it. HELP!

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Need more info. Turbo? NA? Have you done any mods? Are you throwing any codes? There could be 1,000,000 causes for the problem from the information you have given. State more and I'm sure the people here can combine heads and help you out. :hug:

Some tips (Especially if this is a new car):
ALL new fluids
New spark plugs
New wires
New air filter
New fuel filter
Double check all connections and lines to make sure they aren't leaking/off/torn/etc.
Check tire PSI/lug nut torque

I know that some of these won't solve your problem, but this is general maintenence that will overall greatly improve your car and you will know more about what is in it/on it.

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Justin said:
sounds like it could be a timing issue.
how could you tell anything about what the problem would be off the info given?
What if his next post is he was pulling a trailer! lol or he had a flat tire. i just dont see how you can think its timing out of every possible thing.
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