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Well after 3 months putting my car back together I finally got to start it.
But it has no spark on No6.
Now this is a NA-T(So it has a dizzy) so it had new plugs,leads,cap,and rotor.
I have tested the leads,changed plugs,changed leads,cap,checked gaps in the dizzy, tested everything I could think of and even swapped ECU's but it still will not fire on No6.
It will fire 1-2 times when first started, then goes dead.

Anyone have a suggestion?


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swaping the ecu wouldn't change anything. if you're getting spark everywhere else then there's something up with that one cyl. Check the leads again...check the points... change that wire. btw how are you checking for spark? are you using a spark plug. if you are use a screw driver instead. A screw driver into the plug wire and put it near the exhaust manifold. it should arc if you have spark....i've done it this way for a long time cause i ran into a bad plug one time.

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I was checking it with the plug removed(grounded)and timing light.
Yes I didn't think the ECU would fix it but worth a try.
I have tried a new plug and a new lead.
What does each of the pick ups in the dizzy(CPS is the same)control.
Or should I ask which pickup is for spark G1,G2 and NE?

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