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no wing

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Any one know the # of TT 6 speeds that came to the US with out stock wings?

I have 1 and have seen 1 other.

I would like to find out how rare this car is. I know that ther are only 8K or so TT 6 speeds in the US so it must be less than 500 or may be less than 200 ??

Thanks :D
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that # is unknown just like the # of color in each car are unknown while some guys also took off ther stock wing or added another one i have one that had no wing but had an aftermarket greddy wing which is 2 inches lower than stock
i have a 97 W/O wing

i just bought it on monday. its white with 38K and a BPU.
this is the only pic i have right now. more to come

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hey atxsupra , i saw that supra for sale on, nice ride, i had a wingless TT , mines is a auto though
thanks. Ive only had it for a couple days. Im loving every second i get to drive it.
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