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I know its not a supra and hopefully I don't catch too much flack for this but today I saw the sickest C5 Z06 I've ever seen.
He had a flush mount headlight, mild hood scoops (probably s/c), widebody kit but the exhaust note on this car literally gave me wood.
I was in my mint 93 MR2 Turbo (slightly modded) on Rt. 4 going to Rt. 17N in paramus.
I merged into traffic not noticing the cars behind me too much and gave off a small backfire between shift and BOV release.. Maybe he thought I was challenging him he quickly came up behind me and turned on his lights. Not really big into vettes I shifted a lane thats when he did a fly by but let out the sweetest exhaust sound I've ever heard.... Just straight BLLAAAAAHHHHH!!! with a small pop at the end.
Too much traffic to see if he had anything serious going on, and I was already late and headed onto the GSP and he kept going.

If anyone has come across him or knows any information Holla.. I'ld love to see it again and get some specs...
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