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NOOB Question on subs and amps

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Ok, after searching and reading up on all the threads about subs and amps, I am hoping a few of you who know what your doing can help me out. Im looking to add two subs in my trunk (making the Brian B box, after following steps on his site I think I will be able to make it), however, I really have no clue what the hell I am doing (what type of subs with what type of amp). After going to Best Buy and Circuit City, and they both recommended buying subs and amps over the internet (ebay??) b/c its cheaper.

So, looking to spend around 500 to 600 on speakers and an amp, is this possible, and will this be a quality system. Im not looking to be heard from miles away, just looking to add a little bass to my setup. I currently have a jvc cd reciever, not that this matters, but thought it might be helpful. So, after looking on ebay, ive found 2 kicker solo barics 10" for around $289.00 however,I have no clue as to what type of amp I should add to push these subs. (and yes, I read the sticky, and even read on crutchfield about subs and amps), however, it doesnt make a whole lotta sense to me. So, basically I am hoping someone can help me out with what would be a decent setup (also, after building the box, I will have a profession shop install the amp and speakers, b/c when I called around, making the box is what is expensive, SO I wont have to worry about messing with the electronics part)

So, if anyone would please add some input and help me out it would be appreciated.
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basically first you decide if you like any specific brand of speaker/amp or if you like the way one looks. If you hate the brand it'll sound worse to you. If you love the brand it'll sound better (within reason). It's a subconscious thing. I love JLs so they'll always sound best to me.

You picked Kicker solobaric 10s. I'm just guessing the s10l7 model for this discussion. You can get them in 2 ohm dvcs or 4 ohm dvcs.
2 ohm dvc let you run each one at 4 ohms or 1 ohm
4 ohm dvc let you run each one at 8 ohms or 2 ohms. However it's usually suggested not to run voice coils in series, the 4ohm and 8 ohm options respectively. Also you shouldn't mix and match subs (one 2ohm dvc and one 4 ohm dvc and run them together off the same channel)

Because you're getting 2 subs. You have a shit ton more options. Heres the JL audio tutorial on DVCs. Heres the tutorial on wiring the subs

Ok so now we have 2 subs and the options of 1, 2, 4 or 8 ohms if we run them to seperate channels on the amp. .5, 1, 2, 4, 8 or 16 ohms if we run them together off 1 channel.

The spec for the sub says 600w max rms so we want around that if not a little bit more per sub. So 600X2 = 1200watts RMS for the amp.

Now sticking with the Kicker brand amps around that power, theres the SX1250, SX900.2

The SX1250 is only 1 channel and its 625x1 at 2 ohms or 1250x1 at 1 ohm. So you'll need the 1250x1 @1 ohm. To get this you'll get the 2 4ohm dvc subs and run them in parallel and into the 1 channel. Giving you 2 ohms per sub and then the 2 of them combine to give you 1 ohm. Then the 1250w from the amp are divided among the 4 voice coils (2 per sub) and you get 650w per sub. Got it?

However. The amp itself is around $700.

So you either pick subs which take less power or maybe only run 1 sub with 600 watts and pick a new amp.

You don't want to run like 200W into a sub that says 600w for the rms. They're designed to take alot of power and move a big strong structure for big time sound. Too little power is like putting a inline4 in a school bus. It won't do nearly what it could and it's kind of a waste.

So there you have it. Run through that process and look at all the specs and plan it out well.
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That was a nice write up and helps to explain things to me too, to which I am fairly new to the audio scene. I just had a n00b question too if you don't mind answering it?

What type of amp and power rating would you want to mate up to a component speaker system, such as the Infinity Kappa Perfect 6.1. The specs are:

Power Handling, RMS: 100 Watts
Power Handling, Peak: 400 Watts
Frequency Response (±3dB): 75Hz - 23kHz
Sensitivity: 90dB
Impedance: 4 Ohms
Crossover Frequency(ies): 3.5kHz, 24dB/oct

I don't know much about amps, I just want something that will put these speakers to good use... brand wise, I am at a loss what to use. Any help would be appreciated!
For 600 bucks:

Pair of ED10k.44 2 x $125
One Avionixx 800.2 $285

Leaves you with a few bucks to upgrade your speakers if need be (which it will) but those will sound REALLY good.
ive got a kicker competition XS50 thats been sitting in my room for years... thats good down to 1 ohm bridged and is supposed to actually put out about 600w rms (i believe)... id sell that for $200...
There are a whole lot of quality amps you can get. You should look for an RMS of 150-200w.

You will need to use 2 channels (left and right) and the speakers are 4 ohms per set. Also you'll need a built in crossover so that the low frequencies don't go to them.

So either a 2 channel (or 4 channel if you want to run other speakers off the same amp). You'll be able to hear the difference alot more than you would with a subwoofer if you use a quality amp to run them.

Theres so many good companies to choose I wouldn't know where to start. It depends on how much you wanted to spend. Xtant, Macintosh, ADS, Phoenix Gold. Jl Audio... Also look to make sure which model you get and not just the brand. So they may have a good model line and a better model line.
Thanks for the help and doing the write up to follow up on my question. It sounds like I am trying to get a little ahead of myself on the subs, like I said, I dont need anything to powerful, just want to add some bass, what recommendations would you make as far as good speakers and an amp for around 500 dollars.

Also, #1 some guy, I have never heard of those speakers, do you have them, and do you like them?
Actually, I was looking at the s10l5 models, which have a max rms at 450 watts, so, after reading what you wrote, that would mean I need at least a 900 watt amp. However, how important is it to match up subs (kicker) with amp (couldnt it be any brand, or is it better to be the same?
you can mix and match... i have a RF head unit and amps, an alumapro cap, focal speakers, a jl sub, and a stinger battery and wiring... mine sounds fine...
You can mix and match with no problem. It does make the setup look a little nicer if everything matches and more points in shows if that concerns you. The products will tend to have the same colors and styling cues. I had to seach far and wide to get matching amps which was kind of a PITA when i wanted to upgrade.

Sound quality wise its usually better to diversify. Usually companies which make good front speakers, don't make as good subs. Thats how it used to be so people would mix and match. Then the high SQ amps (low power) for the front speakers and high power lower Sound Quality amps for the subs.

For around 500 I'd get a pair of Inifinity Kappa Perfects (they're going real cheap now because Infinity is redoing their line and needs to get rid of the old style ones) they go for around 100 each. People seem to love the JBL BP amps for big subwoofer power. I'll be around $300 for the amp.
For around 600 bucks I had a JL Prowedge and Xtant 121M mono amp in my GS-T. The Prowedge had an old JL 12W4 with dual 2 ohm voice coils. I rewired the vc's in parallel and got more power out of this little amp than they say you can... The sound was phenominal. I always recommend just one 12" sub with a good amp for someone who is not looking to be heard a mile away...
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