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Schmleff said:
My intention is to mod the exhaust, remove cats, some type of cia and jump the boost up to safe level. I intend on also torquing the head bolts up to what, 72lb/ft?

It is an auto so bum deal on that. I understand that MKIII Supras are kinda gutless until about 60mph (stock). I have not driven it yet so I don't know for myself. I have read around the site and searched for alot of this stuff, but some direct discussion always helps.

I will have to drive it through a Wisconsin winter. Any tips on that?
I would yell at you to search, but that has already been established. and goto maintenance for a head bolt retorque proceedure.

As for snow there was a thread only a few days ago with some tips

And the mkiii gutless until 60 mph? Our engine has tons of low end torque, have you driven a mkiii?
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