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Noob to riding

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I've read the stickies, but i feel like i fucked up. I PAID to get my license ($150) and did not take any classes to learn. Now I'm stuck with a license and I don't know how to ride, can someone please explain? I googled and stuff but the sites i found says things i can't understand.
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Lol why would you pay? It's not even a hard test and you actually learn from it.....which is the point of aquiring the license lol. Not knowing how to ride not only endangers you but others also. You're right on one thing certainly did fuck up.
If you are in norcal, I can give you a copy of the MSF handbook and some pointers if you'd like.

You're right on one thing certainly did fuck up.
I live in the 408, but I'm in the Une alot so I'll PM you next time I come out there.
usually there are highway partol sponsored classes. I paid 150 bucks for my class time and it was well worth it, DMV websites have links to these in your specific area go check it out.
Like MR2ninja was saying, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation has a real good program for inexpirienced riders. Here's a link to help you find a class near you. I would strongly suggest taking a class before attempting to ride. Hope this helps.

And on a side note...Instead of telling someone how they screwed up, why not offer help? Or at least offer some type of helpful information if you're going to tell them they made a mistake...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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