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noobie here

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I'm a member on viperalley and just saw the comment about how 1000whp supra<1000whp viper and i thought it was kinda cool how they said supra owners conver to vipers. i myself just have a 1993 celica gt and a 1965 studebaker cruiser. I wish i could afford a supra right now bc id definately like to have one bc its one of the most beautiful cars ever! not to mention the built up that can be done to it. In the next 7 years ill have my viper tho that ive wanted since i was little. im gonna own my own car dealership so hopefully it'll get here soon. thx for lettin me come to the site and hopefully i can bring something to the forum. thx guys
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Welcome aboard
what kind of dealership do you have in mind
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