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Free and cheap stuff, is local pickup only unless you pay for packing and shipping! All prices do not include shipping

ATP Turbo V-band clamps two x 2.5" two x 3"
The V-Band clamps are not just the clamps but the machined flanges as well. These are brand new $25 ea !
ATP 3" 90 degree elbow (steel) $15

transition pipe and hose ends
3-3.5" transition $15
on the fittings can someone just buy all three for like $15?
Q45 TB flange free if picked up!

misc wastegate flanges

One of those is an adapter from the V band style tial 44 to the tial 38 it came with the a manifold but I had to weld my own thing on.

Vband (just the clamp) for tial 44 $free

Tial 38 flange $free
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