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North Jersey Caravan to NE2K9

Hey guys, sorry i havent put this up yet, but i have been busy to say the least...
Anyways here it is, you know the drill:

Ive had this caravan for a few times now and every time its had a decent turn out. After being on the forums awhile and meeting a few supra owners i have a pretty good turn out for a caravan.


1. Garden State Plaza
1st Stop

When: 7.45 meet and 8am SHARP roll out
Where: Garden State Plaza Mall

Then cruise to

5 Cardinal Drive
Little Falls, NJ 07424

Any questions just pm, me. And if your interested just PM your cell and ill send out a text or something as the days get closer. PLEASE BRING FRIENDS

If i contacted you already about doing this, just post up that your still up for it so i can put your name down on the list

I will contact everyone one within one week to the meet to confirm your reservation

List thus far as of 06/13

1. Godeepgts11
2. Poznanski
3. 93 Supra TT
4. SsuPRraMaN
5. JoeSupra
6. gonzy tuning
7. marshallpre1
8. eman2298
9. paul0075
10. SupragodTT
11. Deck
12. tristatevip
13. chewchew88
14. 93v
15. Alpine Silver
16. supersupra94
17. esoj
18. yauheni
19. Rosa10
20. nbastyle21
22. reid
23. robferetti
24. titoracingfab

(I will be filming, again i think... he he):bigok:

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you know im down for this,so count me in

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Is the meet on Saturday, June 13th?
Oh boy, I'm not sure if I would be able to make it.. Daaaaaaaaaaam:sad: :crying:
I will be working at the Golf US Open in Long Island, NY.
The tournament starts Monday the 15th... And we have to work there that weekend to make sure everything works right, its the crunch week...
I will try to request the day off, but I don't think that will happen...

I will let you know.

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