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Ever since I had to sell my supra, I have been leary to race other cars in my GSR. It felt moderately quick, but no where near the brutality of my supra. So here is my first and only race..

Going down a stretch of highway in my 96 teg gsr, 5 sp, no cat, and apexi WS. (actually a very quiet combo) I hear a loud V8. It's a 88 to 90ish stang GT. Older guy in it mid 30's. We kind of mess around a minute, not really matching up. Finally we get to a light. No traffic except my wife following behind. I hear him bringing up the revs, so I know he's gonna go. I think, ok this guy's gonna smoke me hard, but I give him a chase. Light turns, we both spin for a second or three. He's off by about a car. I take first to 8k and actually keep the distance. 2nd and it's still about a car. By 3rd I see his car shift and I still have another 4 k to go. I make up some decent ground. He shifts and pulls abit more. I hit fourth and start to actually catch up! I about shyt myself. By the top of 4th My headlights were at his rear tires. We both let up as we were about at pretty illegal speeds. Next light we go again. He spins really badly. But it didn't matter because I slammed 3rd into no man's land and bounced off the rev limiter. A pretty sick sound at around 9K. He flew by. Next light I rolled down my window and gave him a thumbs up, and we exchanged niceties.

I lost, but I was amazed at how this little anemic car hung in there. I assume he was stock, but I still felt pretty decent about this loss.
Weak story, but not alot of auto bragging going on around my house for a while:(

Sounds like a nice run. It's nice to have several thousand rpm's in rev limit over the guy youre racing. :)

With Mustangs it's kinda a hit and miss. Some of the 5.0's still run pretty strong, then you get others that are ragged out. I guess that's true with any performance car that old.
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