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Been driving last summer with my car totally stock except for an intake, I finally have my car BPU:ed....

Built the catback myself in stainless 3", installed the DP and the Blitz units and the BCC.......

Turned the key....DAMN it sounds deep and mean as hell:D

Hard to do a really test on the performance due to heavy raining.....but some pulls were made...just boosting 17psi now but the differens is amazing, it pulls like a bat out of hell in my opinion......:D

So I guess I still have that big smile on my face since yesterday.......:D

just one Q for you Blitz users, how to reset the peak boost and peak speed memory?

:p :cool: :p

For the Blitz SBC-ID, go to the top level of the menu and scroll to the bottom. That should be reset. Press the knob to enter and once more to confirm.

Hope that helps ya.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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