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Nut at the end of turbo shaft

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I am replacing my stock twins, I took off my old Turbos about a 2 weeks ago and haven't had the chance to start putting my "new" ones in yet. I am about to start putting them in today though, but I have run into a small problem. I was looking over both turbos and noticed that my old ones had a nut on the end of the turbo shaft. On both #1 and #2 turbos. The "new" ones on the otherhand do not have these nuts. I was wondering if there are differences in turbos throughout the years at all, or if whomever I purchased the turbos from removed this nut for some reason?

Here are pics of the two to compare. If any of you out there have ever removed your turbos, can you please tell me if you have the nut or not?


My old #1 Turbo (chewed up!)

My "new" #1 Turbo
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thats pretty odd-had the newer turbos been rebuilt or anything?
You are missing the nuts!

They are required, shops use "T" handle to tighten them COUNTERCLOKWISE. Call whoever rebuilt those turbos and ask.
Ok, apparently im not missing anything. Supposedly there was a turbo design change on 97-98 Supras. So this different ending I have on the turbos is a result of that. So I am not missing anything, I just assumed I was.
The bottom one is the same nut used on all the Toyota turbos, the twins i have here have it... as well as CT26 on the older supra/mr2.

Sometimes when the turbos are rebuilt they put a 10mm nut on there so it's easier to remove later. This is a clue they were rebuilt at some stage... Many of the turbos I have received back had the 10mm nut instead of the Toyota one.
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