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Back from the dead....

A mopar guy at work is trying to convince me to o-ring the cylinders and use a copper head gasket. His reason being that this combo maintains a proper seal in high boost applications where the head bolts stretch from the force and the head lifts from the block.

I haven't heard much about this from any supra owner, but this guy's been around a few blocks so I listen to a lot he says. If any serious techies have some input I'm all ears. Don't give me any "MHG PERIOD" junk.

I just recently read a little bit about it in project MR6 in turbo magazine, they junked it because they were still leaking coolant from the copper HG and had no issues with detonation. I can't remember what they switched to.

couple links I'm currently reading.
Won't list the rest. There's lots in the non mkiii sections

Baisically what I've found is that it's really only a race only application. They work great for detonation but leak coolant like a sieve if not sealed perfectly, which is a real PITA. Anyone have any first hand knowledge?
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